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About Bulletproof Bunny

The Story

Serving three tours overseas in the Army and Air Force, I could never find a holster that fit properly. Being a female in the military, we had different needs and challenges than men. For instance, we had to completely take off our leg holster when going to the restroom. It was uncomfortable and super inconvenient. I knew there would be a better solution.

After coming home from my last deployment, I had a vision to create a brand that appealed to women, where they could feel classy, yet powerful. This is when Bulletproof Bunny was born. Empowering women in style with brains, beauty & bullets. It was a dream that all of you have turned into a reality. For that, I am forever grateful. My hope is for every woman to feel powerful and protected at all times.

Holly Profile Photo.jpg

Owner/ CEO

Holly Brauer

Holly went from Combat boots to Heels, serving 17 years in the military and three tours overseas, to becoming a Financial Advisor teaching women that "A man is not a financial plan." With an entrepreneurial spirit, Holly created a brand to help empower women. Bulletproof Bunny was designed to focus on women to better protect themselves and create a community where we help each other.

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