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What's your TOP GUN Choices?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The million dollar question is always...what's the best gun out there? While everyone has their strong preferences, it usually comes down to..."it depends." It depends what you are wanting the gun for? Do you want to go out target shooting for fun...and would possibly want a full-size pistol for more accurate shooting and less recoil? Are you looking for a smaller hand gun to conceal carry? Do you need a shotgun to keep at home for possible intruders? While it is the million dollar question, there are millions of questions to follow. So therefore, it depends. In this instance, I will share my top gun choices with you. As a woman, I was looking for a reliable, solid gun that I can conceal carry, but also go to the range so I could target shoot. I test shot many guns to get a feel for what I was looking for. I also didn't want a super small gun that was going to have a lot of recoil and was not easy to rack back. Therefore, I went shooting week after week to get the perfect gun for ME. That's truly the secret. What gun is going to work best for YOU. My results...well here they are.

My top three favorite pistols for conceal carry and target shooting are the Glock 43X, Sig Sauer P365XL, and the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

The Glock 43X is a solid, super reliable gun. It has a smaller barrel so it's easy to conceal, but has the longer grip handle so I can hold on to it better causing less recoil. It's a 9mm subcompact, but has a 10-round magazine capacity making it ideal for conceal carry (the Glock 43 comes with a 6-round mag, so the 43X adds 4 more rounds to the mag). I also like that it does NOT have a safety allowing for a smoother, quicker draw and one less button to mess with especially if I need it in a time of panic.

The SIGP365XL is also a beauty. While it was hard to find due to inventory being so low, it was worth the search. This SIG is very similar to the Glock 43X as far as size. It has a shorter barrel and longer hand grip making it easier to carry and more accurate for shooting. It's also a 9mm, but actually has a 12-round magazine. I also bought the extended mag so it can hold 15-rounds. I find this gun to be very accurate and has a straight trigger making for a smooth trigger squeeze. This little micro-compact pistol truly packs so many options into such a perfect concealed size.

The Hellcat I originally wanted just for the name, but come to find out it really is badass. It's known as the "world's highest capacity micro-compact 9mm"...meaning it has a 11 round flush-fitting magazine and the extended mag can hold 13 rounds. It also has great optics. It's a newer gun on the market, but years of precision was put into making this a packed little pistol. They didn't name it Hellcat for nothing.

Now that you know my top three, I would love to hear what yours is. Leave a comment below...or follow me on Instagram or Facebook @bulletproof_bunny to share your favorite guns and stories.

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